How can you overcome the challenges of
digital transformation?

Our customers, who are primarily in the high tech and communications industry, come to us for a variety of reasons.

While each client is unique, we see consistency in the opportunities in front of them and the challenges they face, which all arise from the need for digital transformation.

We typically work with leaders tasked with strategy, product management, IT, and enterprise architecture. We also work with the vendors and partners of those individuals.

Common challenges:

  • Visualizing complex business models
  • Establishing and managing multi-partner digital ecosystems
  • Clearly communicating new business strategies
  • Creating a simple and collaborative process for strategic planning
  • Developing a common understanding and view into industry standards (data, processes, applications, and standard APIs)
  • Accelerating the product and/or service development and launch process
“Digital transformation is no longer an option. There is an unquestionable need for every organization to build a business model that is agile, adaptable and designed to thrive not just during this era of business disruption, but long into the future where change is the only constant.”Daniel Newman,, Top 10 Trends for Digital Transformation in 2017

Purpose-built software for digital transformation

Up until now, we have been developing custom solutions for our clients to help them on their digital transformation journey.

Our new software platform allows our clients to quickly and easily manage the life-cycle of complex business models and ecosystems built as part of their digital transformation efforts all on their own.

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Industry Specific Examples

Several companies and industry organizations have adopted the Transformation Accelerator.
See who they are and read their story.

CurateFX_logo2017TM Forum, a global member association for digital business, has created the first commercially available custom deployment of the Transformation Accelerator platform.  Read more

We worked with Cloudsoft to create an extremely unique and engaging view of the infrastructure they use to support complex digital services and ecosystems.
Read more


Explore the many benefits of the Transformation Accelerator platform.

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Additional Customized Solutions

  • Dynamic 3D Data Visualization

    Look at your data in a whole new way. Our proprietary tools can be structured to dynamically access your data and provide you with custom 3D views.

  • Interactive 3D Process Maps

    Make business process modeling fun again. Integrate with your existing process models or industry standards. Build custom flows collaboratively with other departments and partners.

  • Intuitive 3D Business Models

    Work alongside your partners and colleagues to build new business models and then see the come to life in an engaging 3D view. Use in planning and presentations.

  • Strategic Consulting & Advice

    Access our industry specific expertise and technology leadership to provide an outside perspective or augment your team.


Visualize your Business

Gain insights. Improve communication. Accelerate innovation. Cement partnerships.