TM Forum CurateFX: April 2017 Release Notes

In January of 2017 TM Forum introduced a version of the Transformation Accelerator to its membership called CurateFX.

The beta version of CurateFX has more than 220 registered companies and close to 500 users.  The users are enjoying a trial version which will be available to them until May of 2017. The commercially available version will be launched at TM Forum Live! in Nice, France May 15-17, 2017.

The April 2017 update to the beta version of the CurateFX platform includes the following enhancements, many of which will also be available in Tr3Dent’s  Transformation Accelerator platform.

Enhancement 1:  The Mission Model Canvas – Ideal for Smart City Planners

The Mission Model Canvas is an adaptation of the Business Model Canvas proposed by Alexander Osterwalder for use in business models where the metrics of success for an organization are not limited to or expressly tied to revenue.



CurateFX users will find the Mission Model Canvas listed as one of the available modules.





Enhancement 2: Simplified Ecosystem Diagrams

The ecosystem diagrams created to depict the complex network of partners who will support future digital services can be difficult to present for the first time and it can take a while for stakeholders and others outside the original project team to develop a full understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each partner.


Stakeholder Relationship Filters.

Stakeholder Relationship Filters.

The ecosystem diagram becomes easier to understand when you can classify each partner in the ecosystem by the relationship they hold and then view those relationships one at a time.



Ecosystem diagram showing all relationships.

Ecosystem diagram showing all relationships.

Ecosystem diagram filtered to show only data relationships.

Ecosystem diagram filtered to show only data relationships.







Enhancement 3:  Business Model Canvas Made Even Easier

We have also made it even easier to understand and present the Business Model Canvas by adding Color Tags and a Filter.

Use Color Tags to highlight related or key data

The Color Tags can be selected by hovering over the Choose Color icon.

There are many uses for the color tags;

  • Tag all items in other sections such as Value Propositions, Customer Relationships, and Channels that are associated with a specific Customer Segment.
  • Highlight those items that are “current” in one color and “planned” in another
  • Highlight the relationships between key items
  • Use the colors to provide an indication of priority or status using Red, Yellow, Green
 Manage the Detail displayed using Filters

Once you have added Color Tags you can use the Color Filter in the top right-hand corner to control the level of information displayed.   

This is particularly helpful when you want to;

  • Simplify the canvas by controlling the level of detail displayed
  • Focus on all elements related to a specific Customer Segment
  • Target the specific elements for specific people



Enhancement 4:  Providing Additional Context Via Links

One of the challenges in creating a business scenario is pulling together lots of information from many different sources. To help address this issue we have provided you with the ability to create links to external documents, files or websites. This allows you to link directly to documents, websites, SharePoint locations, Confluence, videos, etc.
The external link feature has been made available in the following modules
• Problem Statements
• Key Drivers
• Overall Value
• Business Model Canvas
• Mission Model Canvas
We are planning to extend the functionality to other modules such as Stakeholders and the Frameworx Mapping.
The Link icon indicates that a Link can be added. For example, in the Problem Statement Module the Link Icon is displayed to the right;

Once clicked you will then be able to add a Link Title and you can either type or paste the Link URL.

You can go directly to the defined Link by clicking on the Link Title displayed when you place the mouse over the Link Icon.


To learn more about TM Forum’s CurateFX product please visit their product page.

If you are interested in accessing Tr3Dent’s native Transformation Accelerator platform or developing your own unique version of the platform, please contact us.