A strategic planning tool for successful digital businesses

Tr3Dent’s Transformation Accelerator software platform is built to strategically manage complex business models and ecosystems designed to deliver new and innovative digital services.

  • Quickly align all stakeholders to a common vision and strategy.
  • Visualize processes, data and partnerships.
  • Incorporate relevant best practices and industry standards.
  • Create a common platform and repository .

Tr3Dent’s unique productivity enhancing collaborative platform leverages visualization technology to plan, build and manage complex ecosystems.

Drive Alignment

Gain Consensus Sooner

Bring Digital EcoSystems to Life

Visualize the future state for your business, product, service or industry. Present digital ecosystems in 2D or an engaging 3D view.

Visualize and Finalize Strategy Quickly

Follow a logically guided and structured approach based on industry best practices to quickly arrive at an agreed strategy with stakeholders from different departments, companies and even industries.

Define Relationships Between EcoSystem Stakeholders

Tr3Dent’s Transformation Accelerator provides an easy way to document, and even more importantly, agree and gain commitment on the roles and processes performed by each stakeholder.


Shave up to 70% off the time it takes to define ecosystems.

Get agreement from stakeholders 30% faster.

Clearly define requirements and reduce IT rework by 30%.

Source: TM Forum September 2017 survey of CurateFX users 1


  • ico1


  • Dynamic Links to
    Industry Standards

  • Business

  • Best Practice

  • Presentation

  • 2D and 3D

  • Dashboards
    and Analytics

  • Share and

  • Intuitive

  • Flexible

  • Direct Access
    to APIs

  • Provide a Platform for Collaboration
  • Build a Comprehensive Repository
  • Create Engaging Presentations
  • Re-Use Existing Templates and Prior Work
  • Work smarter

    Reduce Timelines

    Provide a Platform
    for Collaboration

    Facilitate collaboration by providing a multitude of users from different companies or departments access to the same project simultaneously and make all updates and edits in real-time..

  • Work smarter

    Reduce Timelines

    Build a Comprehensive

    Collect all the strategic assets and information about your transformation program and provide access to all stakeholders through a single platform.

  • Work smarter

    Reduce Timelines

    Create Engaging

    Move away from endless PowerPoint slides and spreadsheets and engage executive level audiences far more effectively with views created within the Transformation Accelerator.

  • Work smarter

    Reduce Timelines

    Re-Use existing templates
    and prior work

    Leverage previously developed business scenarios
    and user stories. Take advantage of best practice templates.

Get Real

Develop Models That Work

Bridge the gap between business and IT

Provide visbility for business and IT architects to arrive at a common understanding of requirements and identify important points of integration among partners, programs and infrastructure.

Integrate Industry Standards Early On

Quickly identify relevant processes, information, applications, best practice approaches and even APIs from industry standard groups that will be required to operationalize new products and services.

Identify Re-Usable Patterns Across Projects

Export project data to quickly and easily compare common elements across projects such as stakeholders, partners, business drivers, size of market opportunity and risks.


  • philippe-lalande

    Philippe Lalande

    Director Industry Collaborations
    Oracle Communication

    “Tr3Dent’s Transformation Accelerator platform allows us to communicate the value and benefits of our solutions in a simple, engaging and interactive manner.
    It allows us to collaborate with our clients to build business models that include all the stakeholders involved in delivering services through a complex digital eco-system. Lastly, there is great value in being able to drill down into the industry standards that will be leveraged during implementation and demonstrate how our products are aligned.”

  • img-john-reilly

    John Reilly

    Author The Value Fabric: A Guide to
    Doing Business in the Digital World

    “The Transformation Accelerator platform provided by Tr3Dent helps bring the value fabric, a mesh of interwoven, cooperating organizations and individuals, to life by providing a visual of the resulting ecosystem. Key to making the most of the value fabric is the ability for all the parties to effectively and ultimately deliver value to the customer. Tr3Dent facilitates that collaboration by providing a platform that incorporates a standard approach, best practice templates and pre-integrated industry standards.”

  • Craig-Bachman

    Craig Bachman

    Senior Director, Open Digital Program,
    TM Forum

    “TM Forum has been able to easily adapt the Transformation Accelerator platform to meet the unique needs of our membership, including pre-integration of the widely adopted industry standards found in Frameworx and the business scenario templates found in our B2B2X toolkit. Not only has the platform increased the adoption of standards built by our membership, but the member companies who have used the platform have been able to shorten the timelines of their transformation initiatives and significantly improve communication among both internal and external stakeholders.”

  • img-peter-taglia

    Peter Taglia

    Founder, Software Strategy Services

    “With the Transformation Accelerator platform Tr3Dent is introducing a new sub-segment of enterprise software built for anyone tasked with building or managing the complex ecosystems required to deliver services in the digital economy. This engaging and interactive platform presents what has traditionally been a collection of disparate information in a logical manner, bringing it to life quickly and effectively for all stakeholders. Another huge benefit to users of this platform is the ability to access details on industry standards, best practices and even APIs within the context of the business scenario they are striving to achieve.”

  • img-pat-mccarthy

    Pat McCarthy

    CMO, VP Strategy & Marketing,
    Service Provider Operation, Europe,
    Huawei Technologies

    “We have found the Tr3Dent platform to be an invaluable method of supporting our ability to collaborate with our clients to document, strategize, model and plan the kind of complex ecosystems required to support today’s digital services. Key is the ability to drill down into the technical details of processes and APIs that we will leverage during delivery.”

  • img-aileen-smith

    Aileen Smith

    Head of Ecosystem Development,
    Huawei Technologies

    “Today’s digital services require collaboration among multiple partners operating in a complex supporting ecosystem. Tr3Dent’s Transformation Accelerator helps our clients quickly understand and manage the processes, data and partnerships that make up those eco-systems and gain much needed clarity to ensure success.”

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