Information Technology

CIOs and other IT leadership, internal and external, have long been at the heart of transformation projects and called upon to lead the discussion around IT and business strategy alignment.

Depending on the organization and industry, IT may be called upon to lead transformation in customer or employee experience, the introduction of digital services, development or participation in new business ecosystems and/or integration of new partner ecosystems..

Ensuring IT and Business Strategy Alignment

Tr3Dent’s Transformation Accelerator provides a structured and guided approach for internal IT departments and third-party providers to lead constructive discussions with their teams as well as other internal and external stakeholders. The embedded methodology will help them overcome some of their most common challenges including ensuring IT and business strategy alignment, creating a common understanding of requirements, and prioritizing efforts based on the value delivered.

In addition, IT users who use Transformation Accelerator appreciate the ability to link requirements to industry standards, processes and APIs.


Key Benefits

IT leaders who use Transformation Accelerator achieve a common set of business benefits;

  • Accelerate delivery of new products and services
  • Define and adjust scope as needed
  • Document points of integration and APIs
  • Improve confidence in ability to execute
  • Identify and mitigate project risks
  • Create a single source of truth accessible to all parties
  • Reduce errors during implementation handovers
  • Easily capture and assign requirements
“The API ecosystem integration is very useful. It puts business and technical people on the same page. Everybody talks different languages but you can understand each other via the visual interactions between users and modules.”

Recent Projects

The following are examples of recent projects led by IT leadership and project teams.


Artificial Intelligence

Business Assurance

Digital Transformation


Predictive Customer Journeys

Customer Experience

Case Study

Define New Digital Services


IT leaders within an asset management company wanted to provide a value added service to clients by helping them define new digital services. In turn, they could create a new source of revenue for the company.


The team needed a way to collaborate with their clients to prepare strategic plans and used Transformation Accelerator to define new business ecosystems, agree stakeholder interactions and responsibilities and develop their go-to-market plans.


The team was very pleased with the results and are planning to use the platform to define their M&A strategies too. They were able to accelerate buy-in by 30% and reduce project duration by close to 20%.

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