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We help teams plan and build business ecosystems to support digital transformation strategy.

Tr3Dent's Transformation Accelerator is built to strategically manage the life-cycle of complex business models and ecosystems that deliver new and innovative digital services.

Our complementary training programs and services ensure that teams understand the fundamentals of business ecosystems and how to effectively and efficiently use our platform.

We work with industry associations to integrate their standards and best practices and introduce Transformation Accelerator to their membership. We also partner with consulting agencies, technology companies and academic institutions around the world.

Since 2014, we have been working with large enterprises across four continents to help them achieve their digital transformation strategies.

Why Our Clients Like Us

  • Collective experience of 45 years

    Our leadership team brings a serious amount of both technical and business experience to the table.

  • Seasoned and experienced team

    With 45 years of experience between them, this is not a group likely to shy away when the going gets rough.

  • Industry experience and business acumen

    We speak your language and can help translate between IT and business, calculate ROI and conduct cost-benefit analysis.

  • Extensive expertise in visualization

    Let's face it, most business data and modeling is boring. We know how to make it easy to understand and engaging.

  • International advisors with global insights

    Members of our team herald from all over the world. We're extremely sensitive to the needs of a global audience.

  • Proven success & results

    Our clients have built new businesses, products and services in record time and met or exceeded their business goals.

Organizations Using Our Platform


Meet Our Leadership Team

Kevin McCaffrey, Tr3Dent

Kevin McCaffrey

Tr3Dent CEO & Founder

Kevin has worked for more than 25 years in the communications industry. He's originally from Galway, Ireland but has lived and worked in the U.S., Canada and Africa. His work experiences led him to recognize the need for a better way to consume complex business data and build complex business models.

Michael Durance, Tr3Dent

Michael Durance

Corporate Finance & Strategy

Michael has 30+ years of executive management experience including C-suite and board level positions. He also has extensive industry-specific experience in Telco, OSS/ERP, mobility, unified messaging, and IP applications and has led organizations of over 500 employees and been accountable for over $300 million in revenues.
Conor Daly, Tr3Dent

Conor Daly

Head of Technology

Conor has extensive experience in designing, developing and supporting Enterprise applications. He has specific skills in cloud application architecture, DevOps, data integration and middleware and is a key member of the Transformation Accelerator product development team..
Ed Shepherdson, Tr3Dent

Ed Shepherdson

Chief Growth Officer

Ed has 30 years in the Global Enterprise Software industry helping these companies transition from on-premise to cloud and from traditional license revenue models to SaaS recurring revenue models. Ed brings a multidimensional skillset from a progressive career offering the opportunity to be involved in every part of the business,  from developing vision through strategic planning, ecosystem design, product development, delivery, and ongoing support.

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