A highly intuitive and collaborative platform with user-centric features and interface.

  • Stakeholder Mapping

    Map stakeholders to associated drivers, value statements, risk and other key elements. Assign stakeholders within business model canvases, ecosystem diagrams and process flows. Use the dynamically created stakeholders map diagram to identify gaps and enhance communication.

  • Ecosystem Modeling

    Collaboratively model “As is” and “To be” ecosystems by visually creating the different types of stakeholder interactions (i.e. Product/Services, Financial, Operational, Contractual).

  • Business Modeling

    Create business models using a range of different canvases (e.g. Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, Platform Canvas, etc…). Assign stakeholders to key elements within the canvas and set user-defined filters to identify gaps and communicate the business model effectively to others.

  • Templates

    Best practice templates from industry and business are included to fast-track the creation of new projects.

  • Sample Projects

    Example projects provide insights into how the platform has been used effectively across different industry sectors and project types.

  • Capabilities Mapping

    Capabilities Mapping Explore and tag lists of existing hierarchical data e.g. Smart City Platform Capabilities. Company Specific Business Capabilities, Technical Capabilities, Application Maps, etc. All this data can be imported.

  • Process Mapping

    Create Process Flows, Use Case, Customer Journey Map, Swimlane Diagrams, etc and link elements to Stakeholders. Source and insert process elements into your diagrams from industry process frameworks such as the TM Forum eTOM model.

  • Share & Collaborate

    Multiple users can access Transformation Accelerator at the same time and edit in real-time without losing any progress. Data can be exported into a variety of formats. Projects can be shared with non-registered users as Read Only with no license impact.

  • Integration Capabilities

    Data can be imported into the platform and also exported for use in other applications. Integration with JIRA and other Enterprise Applications is supported.

  • Industry Standards

    Best practices and standards for different industry sectors (i.e. Telecom, Smart Cities) are pre-integrated with the platform.

  • Intuitive Interface

    The platform is designed using standard user interface elements found in software today making it intuitive and easy to use.

  • Flexible Administration

    Within Transformation Accelerator you can set up a variety of users with different roles and rights. You can also create teams, and projects. Access is set using a standard role-based access framework.

  • Flexible License Model

    User-based SaaS licenses with self-management flexibility. Enterprise level contracts are available.

  • Deployment Options

    Transformation Accelerator is hosted in a secure multi-tenant environment. You also have the option of requesting private hosting or hosting in your own environment.

  • Continuous Support & Maintenance

    Licensing fees include unlimited technical support and automated maintenance and software updates.

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