We help your clients, members, students and users with their ecosystem business model strategy.

Tr3Dent partners with industry organizations, companies and academic institutions who want to provide their members, clients, students and staff with a tool they can use to create their ecosystem business model strategy.

We often work with our partners to develop unique digital transformation and ecosystem business model planning and design solutions powered by Transformation Accelerator and white labelled for their audience.

With others, we help them sell and market our Transformation Accelerator to their clients and with academic institutions we help their students and staff understand how to use the platform to further their research or projects.

Please read about our current partnerships below and if you are interested in a partnership with Tr3Dent please contact us.

Industry Associations

Tr3Dent partners with several industry associations to design and develop custom versions of the Transformation Accelerator that meet the unique needs of their membership and industry.


The Transformation Accelerator platform powers:

  • Pre-integrated standards, best practices & APIs
  • Association determined member privileges
  • Membership specific challenges & projects
  • Industry specific processes & modules
  • While labelled and uniquely branded designs
  • Powerful dashboards built for specific views
  • Custom built reports & queries

TM Forum is the global industry association that drives collaboration and collective problem-solving to maximize the business success of communication and digital service providers and their ecosystem of suppliers. They have more than 850 member companies generating US$2 trillion in revenue and serving five billion customers across 180 countries.

Together, Tr3Dent and TMForum created CurateFX, a custom branded version of Transformation Accelerator that has been used on more than 100 projects by their members to date. Read More

CurateFX TMForum Tr3Dent

The Smart Cities Council works with cities and states around the world to help make them move livable, workable and sustainable.

Tr3Dent has worked with the Smart Cities Council to develop the Smart Cities Activator which helps cities plan and deploy smart projects. Smart City Activator is the first and only smart city tool for collaborative planning. It can handle anything from a simple survey of customer needs; to paint-by-numbers project templates; and all the way to full-scale project plans. Read More

Channel Partners

Tr3Dent has many channel partners who introduce the Transformation Accelerator platform to their clients and audience in different ways. All of them believe that the platform offers great value to their clients who are undergoing digital transformation or designing business ecosystems and engaging with multiple stakeholders.

Our partners are from all regions of the world and include software providers, consulting firms and independent advisors.


Academic Alliances

We have several alliances with academic institutions around the world who use the Transformation Accelerator to support their course work, initiate challenges among student groups or further their own research and projects.




Communication service providers and their partners use CurateFX to develop new digital marketplaces, business models and tackle complex initiatives like 5G, IOT and eHealth.


Smart Cities

Transformation Accelerator is used by consultants, municipalities, utilities and other stakeholders to help define and plan Smart City initiatives.



IT leaders use Transformation Accelerator to ensure projects are aligned with the needs of the business, clearly define requirements and reduce IT re-work.


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