Continuous digital transformation in the telecommunications industry has created an environment where communication service providers can no longer compete on the strength of their network and traditional communications services alone. They must find additional sources of revenue by developing internal and external partnerships and creating new business ecosystems and platform-based businesses.

This drive towards new services based on complex digital ecosystems and platform-based business models has redefined the industry. Traditional communication service providers offer products and services they’ve never offered before and companies who were never classified as members of the telecommunication industry play a huge role.

CurateFx Designed Specifically for the Telco Industry

Tr3Dent provides the companies operating inside this quickly evolving industry with the strategic planning tool and collaborative platform they need to succeed. Tr3Dent has partnered with TM Forum, a neutral, non-profit member organization with over 850 member companies, to create CurateFx, a version of Transformation Accelerator with modules, best practices and industry standards designed specifically for the Telecommunications industry.

CurateFx provides a unique combination of strategic planning, visualization tools, business and technical perspectives, integrated Frameworx models, and collaborative capabilities to help make any digital service, ecosystem design or transformation project come to life. CurateFx is a cloud-based enterprise grade software solution.


Key Benefits

Members of the Telecommunications industry who use CurateFx find they are able to achieve multiple business benefits;

  • Go to market faster
  • Pick winning services
  • Improve partner selection
  • Reduce churn in customer base
  • Compete with non-telco market leaders
  • Better define IT requirements
  • Ensure value for each ecosystem participant
  • Capture multiple perspectives in a reasonable timeframe
“Using CurateFx we were able to capture the problem statements, the value propositions and the roles that each partner will play in the ecosystem”

Recent Projects

The following are examples of recent projects built by members of the TM Forum using CurateFx


Fueling Personalized CX in the Automotive Industry with AI.
View Project in CurateFx.

Smart City Enablement & Business Models.
View Project in CurateFx.

Remote Healthcare Without Borders: Fighting Epidemics with 5G.
View Project in CurateFx.

Blockchain-based Telecom Infrastructure Marketplace.
View Project in CurateFx.

Maximizing Engagement with Predictive Customer Journeys.
View Project in CurateFx.

Use of Digital Twins to Operate 5G Networks.
View Project in CurateFx.

Case Study

Accelerate New Product Delivery


The Head of Product Strategy for a global communication service provider responsible for both product design and market strategy wanted to get to market faster.


Lack of communication and widely distributed information made it very difficult to gain buy-in from all stakeholders. The approach was to implement a central and collaborative environment that could be used by all contributors (e.g. Product Design, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Sales, etc.) to agree new product strategies, roles and responsibilities, scope, requirements and more.


The use of CurateFx enabled cross functional teams and external partners to collaborate and communicate more effectively. The team was also able to leverage best practices and other tools to accelerate design and definition of products. Buy-in was achieved 30% quicker while increased efficiencies reduced project duration by 20%.


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