10 Entrepreneurs you need to be following on Snapchat!

It’s pretty obvious that Snapchat is currently having its breakout moment. Not only has the amount of video views rocketed into the billions per day but we’re now seeing more and more brands and influencers flocking towards the platform in order to be among the early adapters to distribute unique and valuable content.

If you happen to be jumping on the Snapchat wagon for the first time it can be tough to find people that are worth following. There is no suggested search or lists. Nevertheless, if  Startups, Entrepreneurship, Growth and Marketing are your thing, these 10 Entrepreneurs are a must follow on Snapchat.

1. Justin Kan

Justin is a partner at Y Combinator and is very well known for his success as an entrepreneur. He was the founder of Justin.tv and following that Twitch, which was eventually acquired by Amazon for $970M. Not bad eh! What to expect by following Justin? Lots of startup advice, growth strategies and an inside look into life at YC.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk

A lot of you may already know Gary Vaynerchuk or “Garyvee” as he’s often refereed to. Gary is the Founder and CEO of Vaynermedia, a New York based social media agency. He is also a four time NYT best seller with his latest book AskGaryVee breaking a whole host of records. What to expect from Gary? A lot of leadership and growth marketing advice and an insight into the daily life of a serial entrepreneur and investor. If you’re going to watch his snaps, be prepared for the word “Hustle” to come up a lot.

3. Morgan Brown

Probably one of the more frequent snapchatters on the list, Morgan gives daily insights on how to effectively grow your business. Morgan is the COO of Inman News and the Co-author of “Startup Growth Engines: How Today’s most Successful Startups Unlock Extraordinary Growth” A veteran of startup marketing, Morgan previously helped launch GrowthHackers.com and was heavily involved at  Y-Combinator backed TrueVault. What to expect? A lot of Q&A, growth marketing tips as well as some of the cool events he attends.

4. Everette Taylor

Everette is the Founder and CEO of MilliSense and is also a leader within the growth and marketing department for new projects at Microsoft. What to expect? Pretty much anything from invaluable leadership tips to heading over to Jamie Fox’s house for Sunday Brunch. (Yup that happens)

5. Mark Suster

If you are interested in Venture Capital then Mark Suster is a must follow on Snapchat. His “Snapstorms” every day range from the life of Silicon Valley VC to how to effectively grab someone’s attention with an email. Practical advice people.

6. Justin Wu

Justin is the founder of Vtymn and is a self-proclaimed growth hacker. The best thing about following Justin? The sheer quantity of tools he shares every day that will allow you to grow your business without spending a fortune. His tips and tricks on how to grow your business using free online methods means that following Justin is a prescription for any budding entrepreneur.

7. Chris Sacca

Chris is one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent investors. With investments in companies such as Uber, Twitter and Stripe, Sacca is now a Billionaire. Reasons to follow? It’s pretty cool to get an insight into one of the top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley while simultaneously seeing how such a forward thinking guy lives his life.

8. Talia Wolf

Talia is the founder of Conversion.com which is a conversion optimization agency that focuses on consumer psychology. She is also the CMO of Banana splash and a marketing genius when it comes to mobile and optimization. What to expect? Well you are guaranteed daily snaps from Talia and similar to Justin Wu who I mentioned above, you will be inundated with indispensable tools that will aid you in the optimization of your websites.

9. Matt Mazzeo: 

Matt is a partner of Chris Sacca at Lowercase Capital and again his snaps generally focus on his life as a VC. Previously, Matt was a part of digital and venture efforts at Creative Artists Agency. Mazzeo’s snaps generally focus on his daily adventures which usually entail bumping into some pretty interesting people, whether it be it a fellow VC or a founder of one of Silicon Valley’s hottest startups.

10. Garry Tan

Garry is a former partner at YC (I know, the YC folk love Snapchat) His Snapchat stories are a blend of travel, family and Startup advice. Although not as frequent as other snapchatters on the list, when he does snap some words of wisdom, you tend to take note.

A theme with all these people is that they tend to pretty forward thinking, and the correlation is pretty  consistent when you see how they have adapted early and jumped on Snapchat to build a powerful brand and deliver quality content and advice simultaneously.

The real benefit of Snapchat is…. Never mind, I’ll just let Gary Vee explain.


Last but not least add myself @startupshed. I’ve been recently promoted to Chief Snapchat spokesperson for Tr3Dent (big responsibility I know) so you’ll get an insight into the day in the life of a startup.

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