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Shave 70% off the time it takes to design new digital business ecosystem models 
and get agreement from stakeholders 50% faster.

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  • Gain practical insight into progressing your digital transformation strategy towards a successful, technology-led future
  • Identify improvements that need to be made in your current business process models
  • Assess where you currently stand in your digital transformation transition
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Use Transformation Accelerator to plan and model business ecosystems that drive digital transformation.

  • Smart City initiatives
  • New digital marketplaces
  • Blockchain
  • eHealth
  • iOT
  • 5G and more

Key Benefits

Our users tell us they experience the following benefits

Follow a structured approach to digital transformation

100% of users agree the number one benefit is the structured approach and methodology

  • Follow a series of modules that guides you to your new business model.
  • Use best practice templates for data collection.
  • Provide a recommended sequence for planning.

Model and visualize business ecosystems

Users shave up to 70% off the time it takes to define ecosystems.

  • Define the future for your business, product, service or industry
  • Present new business ecosystems in an engaging view
  • Provide visibility so business and IT have a common understanding of requirements
  • Identify key points of integration among partners, systems and infrastructure

    Align and engage stakeholders to achieve success

    85% of users see improvement in stakeholder engagement and alignment.

    • Define and visualize stakeholder relationships
    • Agree and gain commitment on roles and responsibilities
    • Improve engagement and collaboration

    Communicate and collaborate efficiently and effectively

    Users get agreement from stakeholders 50% faster

    • Provide a single source of truth for all stakeholders
    • Simplify complexity through highly visual and interactive canvases, heatmaps and diagrams.
    • Provide simultaneous access and real-time editing

    Information Security Management at the heart of everything we do

    Keeping your data secure requires constant vigilance. We are on it. Our platform was designed from the ground up to meet the stringent requirements your enterprise demands. Tr3dent is ISO 27001 certified, adhering to the highest information security practices, policies, and standards to ensure our company, clients, partners and their data remain secure.



    Identify and confirm business viability

    Users reduce the time it takes to define their business model by 50%.

    • Follow a logically guided and structured approach
    • Clearly define sources of value and revenue
    • Identify risks, gaps and dependencies
    • Develop mitigation plans

    Leverage business and industry best practices

    100% of users develop confidence in their team’s ability to execute

    • Integrate industry standards and APIs
    • Recognize shared processes, information and applications
    • Leverage re-usable templates, business scenarios and user stories
    • Adopt industry best practices



      Communication service providers and their partners use CurateFX to develop new digital marketplaces, business models and tackle complex initiatives like 5G, IOT and eHealth.

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      Smart Cities

      Transformation Accelerator is used by consultants, municipalities, utilities and other stakeholders to help define and plan Smart City initiatives.

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      IT leaders use Transformation Accelerator to ensure projects are aligned with the needs of the business, clearly define requirements and reduce IT re-work.

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      Tr3Dent has established many meaningful partnerships with industry associations, channel partners and academic institutions.


      Key Features

      • Stakeholder Mapping

      • Ecosystem Modeling

      • Business Modeling

      • Best Practices Templates

      • Sample Projects

      • Captabilities Mapping

      • Process Mapping

      • Share & Collaborate

      • Integration Captabilities

      • Industry Standards

      • Intuitive Interface

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