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Diary of an Action Weeker: Day Three

We’re on to Day Three of TM Forum Action Week in Lisbon, Portugal. Two more days to go in this highly productive “roll up your sleeves” collaborative event.

The morning kicked off with more case study presentations which have proved to be both impressive and informative. It’s always great to hear first-hand about real world examples of the tools and standards we work so hard to build being used to drive business results.

The first case study was presented by Joyce van de Garde, Manager New Initiatives, KPN New Business, Royal KPN N.V. and she spoke about the transformation they made to becoming a customer-oriented and very service-focused company by understanding their customer journeys and mapping their processes to improve customer experience.

The second case study was presented by Vincent Seet, Head, Enterprise Architecture, Globe Telecom who spoke about “Creating the Next Generation of Customer Care Services Through Artificial Intelligence.” This was all about their experiences using natural language processing and machine learning to create the next generation of customer experience.  This presentation was particularly interesting as I later provided Vincent and Richard Im from Huawei with a demo of the CurateFx product.  They both quickly appreciated the real benefits that the product could provide to Globe as a strategic planning tool and a great way to improve communications between IT and Business stakeholders.  We will be having follow-up discussions in the next few weeks.

TodCatalyst Project Overview_Action Week 2017ay is the day the catalyst teams begin their work and preparations for demos to be presented in May at TM Forum Live!  All of them will be using CurateFX to document the business scenarios underlying their innovations and create a visual of the digital ecosystem that will support their new services.  Within CurateFX they will also create a clear mapping to the business processes, data elements and APIs that they are making use of from Frameworx and create a business model canvas.

After the Case Studies Jean-Pierre Dufresne was master of ceremonies for Catalyst Kick-off presentations where he provided the teams with lots of information on the Catalyst process.

What makes a good catalyst project_TM Forum

Vincent Seet and Dave Duggal then provided the audience with details on their experiences from participating in the previous award winning catalyst projects.

Rebecca Sendel Presents TM Forum Curate FX

The highlight of the workshop (especially from my perspective) was the short demonstration of CurateFx that was provided by Rebecca Sendel.

Joanne O’Brien who heads up the API team at the TM Forum then provided the teams with excellent insights about the Open API’s available and also mentioned that these are available directly within the CurateFx Product.

Smart Life Think Tank WorkshopAfter that, I attended an incredibly interesting and high energy workshop with the Smart Life – Think Tank Workshop.  This is a mature catalyst that is made of companies such as Orange, BaseN, ESRI, Infonova and others who are working with representatives from a wide range of cities including Liverpool, Porto, Lisbon, Tokyo and several others to develop a fully operational Smart City platform.

Smart Life Think Tank Workshop_Action Week 2017This was my second meeting and they will be using CurateFx to consolidate all of their strategic thinking and business models.

It was great to participate in the workshop and help create the Mission Business Model using CurateFx.

Then it was lunch which was outstanding as normal.

After lunch, I did several more demos to people from Oracle and then to Washington Tavares from Tacira Brazil  All of whom have asked to be Beta users.

On the coffee break, awards were presented to the latest members for Outstanding Contributions to the TM Forum.  Having been presented with this award twice in the past I know how much of an Honour it is to receive. Congrats to all of the winners!

I then attended a very productive Open Digital workshop related to IOT Monetization models.  the group which included people from Oracle, BT and Orange worked very effectively and we are expecting to use CurateFx tomorrow to create several Monetization Models.

Smart Life Catalyst PichBack I did attend several of the Catalyst Pitchbacks and the Smart Life Team definitely stole the show with an amazing video showing the highlights of their workshops over the past three days.  It was also great to see that the ZOOM Platform for IoT and Anything as a Service team lead by Huawei (Ireland) are now using CurateFx and have already presented the first draft of their business scenario to the project champion Lester Thomas from Vodafone.

John Wilmes is providing a daily demo/presentation on BlockChain & Smart Contracts and I had to attend given the rave reviews I was hearing about it and it certainly is one not to miss.  If people have not attended this yet I would highly recommend they do so on Thursday evening.

A long but productive day is over and expect the same for tomorrow.