Hotel Cascais Miragem

Diary of an Action Weeker: Day Two

Day Two in Lisbon, Portugal at TM Forum’s Action Week went off without a hitch.

If you don’t know what Action Week is, read my Day One post for a bit of an explanation.

Today’s agenda was “action” packed.

The morning kicked off with a Case Study showcase featuring two speakers. The first was Greg Tilton, Chairman, and CTO from DGIT. He expanded on how they’ve transformed business processes, used TM Forum APIS to facilitate integration, and improved customer experience and NPS score by enabling omnichannel customer management and partner integration capabilities.

The 2nd case study came from Lester Thomas, Chief IT Systems Architect, Distinguished Engineer, Vodafone Group Services Limited. He also spoke about using TM Forum’s Open APIs and processes to very quickly develop solutions for key opportunities and gaining efficiency through a platform-centric approach that helps them pool resources and really take advantage of Vodafone’s scale.

At 9:00 am the Open Hack group gave their Day One pitchback.  The Open Hack here has been completely sold out and hard at work. They finished the day with a pitch back on Sprint 5 of their solution build.

After attending the Case Study presentations I spent most of the morning and early afternoon providing catalyst team members with demos of CurateFx and working with the TM Forum team on preparing the for the overviews of the product that are scheduled for tomorrow.  I did manage to grab some lunch which is really great here at the Miragem Cascais hotel.

After lunch, I attended the Customer Experience Management / Open Digital session during which Antonio Cuadra Sanchez from Indra gave an excellent overview of the CEM Use Cases that have been prepared.  The session then looked at ways on how the Use Case template could potentially be used by other work streams and how the information could be incorporated into CurateFX.  There is a great opportunity for CurateFx to provide members with very effective and useful ways of using the Uses Cases and potentially creating their own from within the product.  Further discussions on this are planned for later in the week and I would expect we’ll continue those discussions in follow-up calls post-Action Week.

Unfortunately, I missed the end of day pitch back on Sprint 5 from the Open Hack session but from what I heard everyone was incredibly impressed with the teams and the way that they used a large number of the TM Forum APIs to create their solutions.

During Happy Hour, the winning Hack team was announced.  The Parking Share team won and they were presented with their awards by Lester Thomas from Vodafone who again emphasized the quality of the work the team performed and how impressive it was that they managed to build an app based on with a double-sided platform business model.

Headed out for dinner with some of the guys from the Trust team and also some friends from Oracle. Lots of great restaurants in Cascais – just wish I had more time to explore

Tomorrow will be another exciting day for CurateFx as it will be presented to the Catalyst teams and also the Smart Life Incubator which kicks off at 8 am.   Several other demos are also scheduled so I expect that it will be a pretty hectic day.  Looking forward to it!