Action Week IoT Monetization workshop

Diary of an Action Weeker: Day Four

It’s hard to believe today is the last day of Action Week. It’s been such a productive and in many ways inspiring and intense event.

There certainly is a variety of guests staying at the Hotel Cascais Miragem, this little guy was getting into the elevator in front of me this morning.

Cutest hotel guest ever

Just like with the pasBlockchains & Shared Ledgerst two days, today began with the invaluable case study workshops.

Today’s case studies featured a presentation entitled “Blockchains & Shared Ledgers: What could Distributed Trust mean for the Telecoms Industry?” presented by Dean Bubley, Director, Disruptive Analysis which focused on why distributed ledgers go beyond Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies and identifying potential blockchain use-cases for the Telecom industry.

The second presentation was made by George Glass, Chief Systems Architect for BT Group who talked about An Open Digital Ecosystem and the approach BT has taken to realizing a global “cloud of clouds.”

He talked about rapidly delivering tailored services to each customer using an optimized mix of the customer’s IT infrastructure and that of its partners and realizing cloud’s potential to enable new business models and revenues, and faster time to market.

BT Cloud of Clouds

Action Week IoT Monetization workshopNext up was the continuation of the IoT Monetization workshop where the team created the first draft of the IoT Monetization Model Palette.  During the session, CurateFx was used effectively to create a diagrammatic view of an IoT Monetization Model.

As the tool contains all of the key information from the TM Forum’s Online Partnering Guide we were able to create this model VERY quickly and importantly ensure that it adhered to the approved standards for Financial and Contractual relationships between stakeholders in an ecosystem.

After lunch, I spent time with the Project Leader from the exciting Smart Life Incubator project and we provided access to CurateFx for all of the team members.

I spent the afternoon setting up 112 users from across 61 companies, all working on 13 different catalyst projects.  We will be providing access to the remaining 24 project teams over the next week or two.

The following is the list of the Catalyst projects that now have access to CurateFx to enable them to create the Business Scenarios for their specific projects, all to be presented at TM Forum Live! 2017 in Nice, France this May 15-18.

  • Smart Life
  • Customer Centric Service Assurance- Phase III
  • Smart City on the Edge
  • New Business Models with Mobile Sponsored Data
  • Beyond Sales: Hierarchical Capability Openness Platform for Better Ecosystem- Phase II
  • APPEX Omnichannel
  • Experience Journey Shaping with Data Analytics
  • Predictive Customer Journey Retail Process Support Reference Frame
  • The Digital and Interactive One-Stop Shop
  • Enabling the Digital Marketplaces
  • Real Virtuality- Phase II
  • Dynamic Asset Management for SDN/NFV Transformations- Phase II
  • ZOOM Platform for IoT and Anything as a Service

The ZOOM Platform for IoT and Anything as a Service team is already using the tool and have created a project which they have shared with their champion Vodafone.  They have already commented on how useful the tool is and the fact that it contains all of the Open API information is invaluable.

The day concluded with the presentations by the Catalyst Teams and again it was great to see that CurateFx was referenced by several of the teams.

Catalyst team wrap-up CurateFX

As Thursday is the final day for many people there was a robust Networking Session during Happy Hour which was followed by a rather later night which rounded off a very productive and successful day.