Jean Luc Tymen of Orange Describes Reaction to Beta Version of CurateFx

Jean-Luc Tymen, a Senior Architect at Orange, was interviewed by TM Forum at Action Week in Lisbon, Portugal on his reaction and experience with the beta version of CurateFX, an enterprise cloud-based software program made available by TM Forum and powered by Tr3Dent.

Tymen is the leader of the business scenario and ecosystem partnership work stream at the TM Forum, a collaborative effort among TM Forum members to develop standards and best practices.

Before commenting on the tool, Tymen talked about how the goal of developing a standard approach to documenting a business scenario is to make it far simpler for all companies, teams and individuals involved to quickly and easily develop the scenario or understand it if they are part of the stakeholders being briefed.  One of the primary objectives was to create a common language that would enable business, IT, marketing and other teams to communicate effectively and share information easily.

Based on Standard Business Scenario Approach

Because the tool is based on the standard business scenario approach developed by members of the Forum, it allows people from different companies, teams, and even industries, to have a shared understanding and common language. This allows, for example, IT to work on the first part of a project and marketing to pick up where they left off and tackle the next stage.

Guided Prompts

Since there is a standard approach that is followed and steps to complete with best practice templates, as Tymen describes, the tool “requires you to ask yourself questions you may not have otherwise asked.”

Automation and Re-Usability

The CurateFx tool automates activities you may have previously done in slides or in Excel and once populated, the tool will then surface the same information in future tasks and modules saving you tons of time in what would have been previously copy/paste activity and ensuring consistency too.

Sharing Across Teams

Another key benefit outlined by Tymen is the ability for the tool administrators to provide varying levels of access to users. If desired, projects may be shared across different teams so that one project team can learn from the work of another.

You can request access to the beta version of CurateFx here.