Cloudsoft AMP Smart Cities Ambulance Service NFV

Making the Complex Business of Cloud Infrastructure Easy to See

One of the things we do at Tr3Dent is work with vendors to help them create an engaging view of their products and services for use in business development or pre-sales engineering type discussions.

We recently worked with a UK based company named Cloudsoft. If you aren’t familiar, Cloudsoft offers hybrid cloud application management.

Cloudsoft’s AMP simplifies and reduces the complexities of operating applications across any cloud provider, private, public or hybrid. AMP’s policy-based management transforms cloud operations and liberates applications from infrastructure, allowing you to mix-and-match bare metal, virtual machines and containers.

As part of Tr3Dent’s quest to help companies see their business in entirely new ways, we developed a 3D view that provides a very engaging way for non-technical executives to gain a clear understanding of how Cloudsoft AMP can be used to manage the complex infrastructure required to support digital services.

The visualization of the CNFV Ecosystem Enabler_TM Forum Catalyst Demoloud AMP product was used as part of a longer demo at TM Forum Live! 2016 in Nice.  The demo was a result of a catalyst project called NFV Ecosystem Enabler:  A well enabled VNF package which was awarded Most Innovative Catalyst.  See the press release.

The objective of the catalyst project is to provide the framework for network providers to adopt the emerging trend of virtualization within the telecommunications environment. The team included AT&T, Huawei, Cloudsoft, IBM, China Mobile, Orange, and Tr3Dent.  You can watch a 10-minute video describing the work and demonstrating the 3D visualization of the end result here.

The following video will take you on a tour of the application we built for Cloudsoft and demonstrate how the infrastructure behind an ambulance service inside a smart city is optimized using Cloudsoft’s AMP management tools. It’s important to note that the connections shown in this video are dynamic. The user can restart or re-size servers as needed and manage every aspect of the system though this view.  Watch the video now.

We love the way Cloudsoft has utilized Tr3Dent technology to illustrate the benefits and features of their service in a visually engaging manner that doesn’t require tremendous technical knowledge to comprehend.

How could you use the same technology in your business? Are there concepts, architectures, services or products that your team finds challenging to describe?  Does is take you longer than desired to explain your vision or your strategy?  Contact us to explore whether our Transformation Accelerator platform or our 3D visualization tools can help.