Real-time Collaboration Made Easy

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has meant that many company best practices have been significantly hindered, particularly real-time collaboration and communication between business users.

The regular face-to-face interactions that were once normal business practice, have now become a thing of the past, making the role of digital transformation within business more important than ever before.

Since the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, companies have had to resort to operating out-of-office virtually, opening the door SaaS companies everywhere. The rapid progression of modern society and data creation has meant that many companies have found themselves in business situations where there is an inefficient, siloed process of organizing and structuring data sets.

Modern problems associated with these business practices can often include;

  • Clear lack of insight, collaboration, and consistency within silos
  • Inefficiencies and poor systems integration, which can lead to delays, struggles and confusion
  • Lack of clarity on where to begin with regards to business organization and optimization

The Tr3Dent Solution

By utilizing Transformation Accelerator by Tr3Dent, companies are able to transform compiled, confusing silos of business models into structured, clear formats and best practice models. In doing so, this platform helps to properly model business ecosystems, leverage industry best practices, as well as identify market insights. With Tr3Dent, the capabilities offered to new customers include;

  1. Real-time collaboration between teams, partners, and customers. The current Coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted many companies, as individuals are unable to traditionally communicate in person to prospective clients/stakeholders. This new way of working can hinder overall business productivity. However, Tr3Dent’s Transformation Accelerator allows effective, consistent collaboration for:                                                                                                                          i) Internal use: Transformation Accelerator is adopted by enterprises internally, for collaboration purposes between teams and partners in activities relating to Business Modelling, Product Ideation, Strategic Planning and Ecosystem Design.                                              ii) External use: Tr3dent’s platform is also used as an engagement tool by enterprises and consulting organizations, for collaborative activities revolving around defining key business models and processes, capability mapping and pre-sales activities.
  2. Scalability and visualization functions through the use of best practice models and ecosystem modeling.
  3. Creative engagement and communication with stakeholders/clients/partners to help achieve business success.
  4. Encourages effective collaboration across all stakeholders.
  5. Allows visualization and scoping of complex business projects.
  6. Ensures faster, more structured decision making around business scenarios.
  7. Acts as a catalyst towards business communication, collaboration and consistency.
  8. Many of our clients realize that tools such as Zoom, PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams are excellent communications channels, they are not engaging collaborative platforms. That’s where our Transformation Accelerator Platform comes to the fore by enabling an innovative and refreshing method of engagement.

The mission of Tr3Dent is to provide its customers with an exceptional strategic planning and visualization platform that ensures effective communication, consistency and real-time collaboration between users when developing complex projects. This is in an effort to enhance company organization, productivity and overall decision making.

To find out more about how Tr3Dent can be of value to your business, check out our 7-part video series here!