The Practicality of Digital Transformation: Actionable Steps to Get Started

Through this webinar, you will be presented with pragmatic advice on the steps you need to transform your ecosystem from our panel of expert global thought leaders and influencers on digital transformation:

  • William Carter, President and CEO of Advanced360 Solutions
  • John Fiorendino, Managing Partner of Partnering Experts
  • Craig Bachmann, Founder and Director at Tessellate Advisory
  • Kevin McCaffrey, CEO of Tr3Dent

Over the course of this event, you’ll take away actionable insights on:

  • How Digital Transformation can help your company adapt to customer expectations, become more agile, keep up with competition, and sustain profitability
  • How to engage with stakeholders and get executive buy-in
  • How to recognize where to start, produce a detailed plan, and execute at scale
  • The latest emerging trends and strategies for ideation, collaboration, building culture and how to measure success