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TM Forum Introduces First Commercially Available Custom Version of Transformation Accelerator Platform

40+ Companies Now Using Beta Version of CurateFX.

This week, TM Forum, an industry organization for digital business, introduced more than 150 of its members to a Beta version of the first customized commercial deployment of our Transformation Accelerator platform.


Branded as CurateFX, this software is based on our platform and customized to meet the needs of the TM Forum. It is being used by all participants in their renowned catalyst program as well as other early adopters from among their hundreds of members.

A catalyst, in TM Forum terms, is a rapid-fire, member-driven proof of concept project.  Each project team consists of multiple member companies who come together to create innovative solutions to industry challenges.  Each solution demonstrates how best practices and standards created by TM Forum can be used to ensure scalability, reuse and reduce costs and risk. Learn more about catalyst programs here.

Close to 40 catalyst project teams and more than 200 users will be leveraging CurateFX during the 4 to 6 months they work together to develop their proof of concept. Their final solutions will be demonstrated at TM Forum Live! in Nice this May.

To learn more, you can do any of the following:

If you are interested in the idea of a customized version of our Transformation Accelerator platform which can include dynamically integrated standards, APIs, processes, best practices and configured to integrate with your own data such as business process or enterprise architecture repositories, please contact us.