Top 10 Tweets from Future Scope 2016

Future Scope was one of the most enjoyable and innovative conferences in recent memory. It was a day to try to wrap your head around the level of disruption that is happening as a result of digital and emerging technologies and what it means for companies going forward. To summarize a great day of stats, facts, and figures we’ve rounded up our Top 10 Tweets from Future Scope 2016.

@Kevin MacSweeny

FS 4

John Hurley, the CTO of Ryanair provided the audience with a lot of entertainment as the morning drew to a close with his presentation on the evolution of Ryanair. He discussed how the company has transformed through embracing Digital and how as a result they now carry over 100M passengers per year. The tweet above shows glimpses of Ryanair’s older, let’s say “less Friendly” strategy.




Jules Spillane, head of innovation at Accenture, explained how companies lack of ability to transform digitally leaves them open to risk to becoming completely irrelevant in the marketplace. Half of the Fortune 500’s disappearing since 2000? That’s a pretty scary stat.



FS 3

Russel Boland’s keynote regarding Data Insights gave the audience some hard hitting statistics about the amount of data we now create daily and the amount we’re estimated to create in the next 20 years. Some staggering figures, none more so than the one above.



FS 2

Niamh Bushnell, the Dublin Commissioner for Startups spoke wonderfully about how Ireland has the opportunity to become a global hub for Entrepreneurship, innovation and disruption. To make this happen people’s perceptions need to shift from as she put it “The land of Leprechauns to the land of Unicorns”



FS 8

Olly Sewell’s presentation gave us enough trends to last us a lifetime. The theme of the talk? The evolution of communication and how companies must recognize that the shift towards consumers using mobile is far greater and coming far faster than we think. Will the next generation know what a desktop is? Who knows?



FS 12

Jules Spillane once again gave some interesting results that have come as a result digital disruption. One that stuck out for me was that the Top 5 skills on LinkedIn have been created in the past 5 years. Pretty hard to believe, but the correlation between digital disruption and the requirement of new skills is evident.



FS 9

IoT has certainly been the hot topic of 2016 thus far. We continuously hear and read about the markets value and when it will  hit its peak on the hype cycle. Leaving that aside, Russel Boland’s figures on the amount of devices we will see online by 2020 slightly boggles the mind.



FS 7

The creative world side panel had some very interesting discussions about the current and future state of advertising in what is a digitally immersed world. Ad blocking, something that has become more prevalent in the past couple of years results in making the marketers job much tougher, but also opens ups more opportunities for companies to be more creative and differentiate, an interesting take on it.



FS 6

Aerospace was a hot topic yesterday at Future Scope. Between Ryanair and their advancements in this area, to the discussions on how we will be traveling in 30 years’ time. The ‘Space’ definitely seems to of significant interest for VC’s, which always intrigues us.



FS 10

Last but not least, Dublin BIC let us all know late yesterday evening that Future Scope will be back again on the same date again next year. If this year is anything to go by, it’s a date to put in the diary.

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