Tr3Dent Unveils Significant Platform Updates, Empowering Organizations of all Sizes to Accelerate Digital Transformation Efforts

Enhanced strategic planning platform enables organizations to intelligently transform ecosystems and business models to identify new revenue streams, drive significant growth, enhance customer experience and improve productivity

Galway, IrelandFebruary 25, 2021—Tr3Dent, the leading global provider of an intuitive, end-to-end strategic planning platform that empowers digital transformation, today announced significant enhancements to its platform, Transformation Accelerator. The enriched platform features enhanced UX design and improved intelligence, enabling organizations of all sizes to quickly, easily and securely achieve their digital transformation goals.

“Transformation Accelerator is a truly innovative, customer-centric solution”, said Janine Rebelo, co-founder and director of Global Digital Transformation. “We leveraged the platform to carry out a large-scale smart energy IoT project, and the TA platform not only saved us time defining our client’s business model and digital ecosystem but also helped boost agility and ROI”.

“Transformation Accelerator is a truly innovative, customer-centric solution”

Transformation Accelerator Platform Updates

Enhanced UX Design:
  • New single sign-on capability instantly routes users to an enhanced project landing page that provides an intuitive overview of all projects, enabling users to view and act on tasks quickly.
  • Improved sidebar navigation empowers users to move between projects more effectively.
  • Enriched, dynamic stakeholder, product and service mapping allows users to associate drivers, value statements, risk and other critical elements of consideration to identify gaps, enhance communication and accelerate buy-in.
Improved Embedded Intelligence:
  • To support design thinking, a library of horizontal best practices and industry-specific, pre-built templates are embedded into the platform, delivering a step-by-step guide for strategic planning.

“Without first developing a robust digital strategy that takes into account different stakeholders, ecosystems and business models, digital transformation efforts will fail”, said Kevin McCaffrey, founder and CEO of Tr3Dent. “And without the right technology, this critical first step can be extremely time-consuming, complex and challenging, leaving most organizations to abandon efforts altogether. Our goal with this update is to significantly ease strategic planning efforts and provide the guardrails needed to help organizations take bold ambitions from concept to reality”.

The demand for digital transformation has never been more urgent as the pandemic is exposing mass inefficiencies and disrupting traditional ecosystems and business models. A recent IDG research report highlights the increased demand, citing that 59% of IT decision-makers say that pressures stemming from the pandemic are fast-tracking their digital transformation efforts.

Transformation Accelerator enables remote teams to collaborate, organize and clearly communicate complex information in a visually appealing and interactive way to drive engagement and fuel strategic planning success. Enhanced features further enable ease of use, empowering organizations to confidently navigate their digital transformation journeys. 

About Tr3Dent:

Tr3Dent empowers organizations of all sizes to quickly, easily and confidently navigate their digital transformation journey. Leveraging its expertise in visualization technology, Tr3Dent’s intuitive, end-to-end strategic planning platform, Transformation Accelerator, enables cross-organizational productivity and collaboration while simplifying the organization, design and management of the complex information required to enable successful digital transformations. Founded in 2014, Tr3Dent serves more than 500 organizations and partners around the world across a variety of industries, including management and IT consulting, technology, education, telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, supply chain and retail, rely on Tr3Dent to empower digital transformation. Headquartered in Galway, Ireland, Tr3Dent also maintains operations in Toronto, Canada. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @tr3dent and LinkedIn