Why use TM Forum’s CurateFX? A view from Huawei’s Alan Byrne

Alan Byrne, Head of Innovation at Huawei’s Ireland Research Center, was interviewed by TM Forum at Action Week in Lisbon, Portugal.

Byrne is part of a catalyst team working on a project called “Do drones dream of electronic sheep?” The team is using a beta version of CurateFx to document and demonstrate key aspects of their project.

CurateFx is powered by Tr3Dent and made available to the market by TM Forum. It is based on Tr3Dent’s Transformation Accelerator platform.

Byrne spoke for just under two minutes, but in that short time, he talked about the following benefits seen by the team.

Educating Potential Ecosystem Partners

Byrne talks about how with this catalyst, the team is meeting with many potential partners or players in the digital ecosystems that support the various business scenarios they are exploring.  With CurateFx they have a very easy and clear way to educate those players about their project and the industry standards and APIs in play.

Real-Time Online Accessibility

As the team conducts their meetings they can pull up the project in the CurateFx program and share the latest information plus document findings or agreements made during their meeting (like partner roles and responsibilities.)

Ongoing Collaboration

Another benefit Byrne speaks about is the fact that the software facilitates ongoing collaboration. Not only can the group record agreements and revise strategy during the meetings, but they can provide access to the new ecosystem players they meet with and those individuals can continue to comment, edit and collaborate with the team post meeting too.

Instant Access to Standards and APIs

Another thing Byrne says the team is really excited about is the fact that all the TM Forum standards, such as processes from the eTOM and standard information models from the SID, are easily accessible right from within the tool and while the team is viewing the ecosystem they’ve agreed will support their business scenario and different use cases, they can quickly access whatever APIs are needed to integrate systems too!

Lastly, Byrne talks about the very positive reaction 3rd party companies, outside of their project team and unfamiliar with the TM Forum, are having to the tool.  He says many of them have said they want it in their business and goes on to say “They’ve been very impressed about how we can talk about complex ideas and this tool (CurateFx) lets us find the simplicity and key elements in those ideas.”

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