Webinar: Digital Transformation Strategic Planning

To move toward a digital future, companies need a clear vision with a strategy for digital transformation. In this webinar, you will discover trends and actionable advice on the steps needed to plot success in your journey for digital transformation.

Join Kevin McCaffrey, CEO of Tr3Dent; Mike Nevin, Managing Director and Founder of Alliance Best Practice Ltd; Janine Rebelo, Executive Director GDX of Global Digital Transformation; and Joe Jeter, V.P. of Business One Consulting in this live recording for a conversation about your digital transformation planning needs:

  • Discover a framework for a thorough and collaborative planning strategy.
  • Learn to anticipate the impact of every decision and the ramification across complex business ecosystems.
  • Get the latest information on trends and strategies for ideation, collaboration, planning, processes, measuring success, and more.